Nina 60% Ash Wood Acrylic Keyboard Display (MK). This thing is pretty sweet. PBT keycaps on this keyboard is amazing Great keyboard, feels nice an solid, cherry red switches feel comfortable for me. A 60% keyboard is the 60 percent of total size of a normal regular sized keyboard. Varmilo did a great job just wish had optional led but besides that worth, the price compared to other keyboards out there. It is made of aluminum and is built with the following amazing features: On last , we have the name of Dierya which is the most well known in the market when it comes to the 60 percent mechanical keyboard with arrow keys. I was using Ducky One2 Mini RGB for over a month now and all of sudden it's dead and doesn't respond. $52.99 $ 52. ©Copyright 2021 Mechanical Keyboards Inc   -. - The 60% size keyboard still offers the functionality of the full-size keyboard with the use of the FN / Function key. CONS: I contacted the Ducky support team and they responded by saying "One 2 Mini and SF are not fully compatible with macOS. Typing this on the One 2 Mini. Its hard to even put it into words how much I loved it. My keyboard I used before was Logitech G910 wasn't bad but was big and romer switches you either like or hate. I've used the keyboard before but i wasnt mine. Taking off one star for the delivery, the keyboard itself is one of the best ive used. I'm looking to use it for a few years, if it turns out to be durable and holds up the way it is then it's easily 5 stars. It is silent, and fast. This no doubt has the best keystroke, but manufacturing could be better as I touch the side the board creaks. The keyboard is designed with the arrows keys, home key, delete key, insert key and the end key. Not really Linux (or Mac) compatible. 2 days since it arrived and the Cherry Brown switches feel amazing to type and play on. or if mouse capabilities don't work then I can just hold down my caps lock key with my pinky and now have a fully functional mouse using W,A,S,D. The thickness is about 1.5mm,OEM profile, higher than Cherry profile Thank you MK! This keyboard has been on my watch list for a while now and I finally got it today. Great keyboard, love the durability and small form factory of it HOWEVER, mine is defective. The keyboard also comes with extra colored keycaps that vary in color which i've seen in green, blue, red, purple, and orange. The RGB is super bright. Great product highly recommend. Posted by 6 years ago. Tons of extra keycaps as well! -Update on my last review- After receiving mine after sending it out for RMA it still has double typing problems. Support for Mac is abysmal, which is something I wish was made more clear before I purchased it. - The standard keycaps feel great and are a perfect mix of texture, feel and size. Overall weight is good and key strokes feel great, especially with 70A orings (using Brown switches). Couldn't be happier with this board, and I plan on decking it out soon with some Ducky pudding keycaps! I would give the Ducky One 2 Mini 5 stars. Beautiful keyboard! I've used this keyboard for about a year now and I love it. Pre-Owned. I have owned different Ducky keyboards through the past 5 years and am a big fan. I purchased it for my daughter graduation and she loved it! Easiest review I've ever written, ORDER ONE! I love this keyboard so so so much. June - 08/26/2020 04:09pm Just got my keyboard and would recommend it to anyone who wants something better.10/10 worth every dollar. The keyboard is designed with four DIP switches on the back allowing you to switch between different keyboard settings. Gaming with this keyboard is so good because it saves up so much space on your table. Thanks mkeyboards. If you are on the fence about getting a 60% keyboard because of the apparent loss of functionality do not be deterred because this keyboard in particular makes it extremely easy to access all function keys and even arrow keys. This thing is jammed with function and it's going to take a while to get used to it, but that's all in time. I used to think the razer board felt "premium." Have 3 mini's each now have keychatter issues. I am actually typing on it right now and it feels phenomenal. So now you shall not be worried about the breakage. I also love that it comes with PBT caps out of the box. These new switches feel like an extreme upgrade. The PBT keycaps feel much better, like a heavy duty matte finish. Great keyboard with a tiny foot print. Some people might not like the noise these keys make. Sliver/speed switches are the BEST! The review is for the Ducky keyboard, it is not a review for Now they don't hear it with the ducky brown switches. Just know that even though these are in extremely high demand this company doesn't seem to do any testing before shipping and you could end up with a defective unit. The silvers are comparable to the red switches but they have a shorter travel distance. Keyboard feel is amazing the build quality is exceptional and its a great first option for people who want to downsize Of the 3 mechanical keyboards I've owned, this is by far the best. I have had this keyboard for over a year and have sent it in to be repaired once due to keyboard chatter problems. This keyboard is a great balance between the 60 percent and a TKL keyboard, because of the presence of the arrow keys. But you're still not done, the last part of the update process is to hold down both windows keys at the same time until your Ducky resets and flashes. This keyboard is gorgeous. You can get this keyboard in white and charcoal color. If your trying to find a compact keyboard for a small desk, its great, my reasoning for docking a star off from 5 is the plastic case, it doesn't feel cheap by any means but an extra effort to make the keyboard more sturdy would be much appreciated. Buy this board in your favorite switch type! Although I did not get a free case and some of the key caps felt like they weren't carefully manufactured. Enjoy! Fantastic product. Two features I particularly like are that you can turn dip switch 3 on and use the caps lock as an additional Fn key (caps will still toggle) , as well as change the layout of the right alt, win, fn, and ctrl keys on the bottom right. I don't have the keyboard but my friend does and it is a overall beast and I just love the feel and the RGB I would recommend it to anyone who is looking for a keyboard like this one. 100% go with ducky, you aint gonna use the Bluetooth, so why not?! unlike the Vortex POK3R its only 99$ which is super worth it if you ask me The intensity of the lighting can be adjusted. However not to get worried, you will not lose any plus of your typing and can use the 60 percent mechanical keyboard in a regular manner. Would definitely recommend. P.S. It's a great keyboard, I'm using it to write this right now but the RGB is not as good as I expected but it is good enough for me, this is the best keyboard i ever bought, honestly should be worth more money, totally worth it. first gaming keyboard I'm very happy and excited to get my keyboard and try out something other then a controller. $119.00 $ 119. I got the silvers because I didn't want to wait on the browns but after a few days they feel almost exactally like the browns. I'm not sure why this doesn't work with the Ducky. All customers get FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon ... "ducky one 2 mini" Ducky One Mini RGB LED 60% Double Shot PBT Mechanical Keyboard (Cherry MX Brown) 4.7 out of 5 stars 395. This sounds amazing!! You won't regret it! Thanks Ducky. Buy it for the stabilizers. Got it in blues also, Keyboard is awesome feels amazing, went with brown switches and am happy I did because this keyboard is flawless, I ordered this on the 17th of December and was told to expect it Mid to the end of January, I just recieved it today on the 2nd and cant be happier with it,, feels amazing and is worth the wait, wasn't too long, but still worth, ENJOY fellow Tfue fans. The keyboard keeps disconnecting and it's necessary to unplug it and plug it again to make it work. It's a clean finish and colors shine through it fairly bright. I managed to overcome the arrow key issue with rebinding, and there are several aftermarket case options to alleviate the plastic issue. I live in the US and this keyboard took 10 days to drive across 6 states. Ducky even gives you extra color keycaps. This keyboard is awesome. Smaller size, but no functions sacrificed. * Free shipping applies to standard continental US orders. Variety MX Desk / Mouse Pad - Extra Large 4mm thic... Ducky One 2 Mini Pure White - RGB LED 60% Double S... Ducky One 2 Mini Horizon 60% Double Shot PBT Mecha... Ducky One 2 Mini Good in Blue 60% Double Shot PBT ... Ducky Mecha Mini v2 RGB LED 60% Double Shot PBT M... Ducky x MK Frozen Llama One 2 Mini RGB LED 60% Dou... 10 additional PBT Double Shot colorful keycaps, Brand new bezel design and Dual layer PCB, Supports Ducky Macro 2.0, the most powerful hardware available in the market, 3 level adjustable feet and Detachable USB Type - C cable, Brand new RGB lighting modes and mode architecture, 60% size, lightweight and extremely portable, Includes either Year of the Pig or 1 of 2 Year of the Rat spacebars, Limit (3) Ducky One 2 Mini per customer (strictly enforced). Pros: Really fast delivery, even though I'm over seas! If you're like me and been thinking about buying this keyboard for a while, just do it! The limited edition, 60% form-factor, HyperX x Ducky One 2 Mini mechanical gaming keyboard. I think it's because the switches started to wear. Some people opt for the 60% keyboard as it looks cool. The removable mechanical keycaps gives the user a freedom to customize his own design. Also ducky only has rgb software supporting the full size and tkl version of this board, but doesn't support this ducky one 2 `. PROS: By far one of the best keyboards i have used. Plus, I really love the small design because I need all the space possible on my desk. Also i've heard some models having issues. love it 100%. The odds of you ever being near as good as Tfue is little to none. Also, the RGB lighting is beautiful. Overall i'm very pleased with the Keyboard. This keyboard is perfect! Still getting used to not having arrow keys but that was more of a personal choice, and the Fn key allows you to use some keys as arrow keys. This is one of my first 60% keyboards and I highly recommend it. I bought this as my first mechanical keyboard and I am not disappointed. This is a compact keyboard in every possible way and these eight keys adds a little to the keyboard. This wireless 60% mechanical keyboard is specially designed for programmers. It is a premium product at an affordable price! Got Cherry mx brown switches and they are quiet but also has a little tac/click to it so it's perfect. I was able to RMA through this website, but even my replacement had the exact same issue. The only con though is that the waiting takes forever. The RGB options are dope too. The ergonomic design makes this keyboard much handier. Grab one. HyperX Mechanical switches These reliable key switches are designed to be a balance of responsiveness and accuracy, with a short travel time and actuation distance. 5/5 Stars for this keyboard and the pure white SF!! Overall my favorite keyboard! Everythingt is amazing its just the rgb is hard to use but I don't even use rgb I use the standard rainbow. This keyboard has been absolutely amazing so far! But other than that this keyboard is great. However, if you use both MacOS and Windows, this keyboard has one super annoying issue. I have tried 1) Downloading new software firmware 2)Following the support ticket in adjusting the debounce time to every setting "5ms-25ms" 3) Cleaning the keyboard thoroughly. This is going to be my forever keyboard, as long as they don't discontinue this product! Have had keyboard since June and its been great but all of sudden its now double typing e and its really annoying and i have no idea how to fix other than that its been great. You'll be happy you did. Worth the wait, much more comfortable than a full keyboard. The only thing I wish this had was the arrow keys, but I see the Ducky One 2 SF has the keys, so I ordered the pure white one! -Pretty nice looking keyboard As we know, this RGB lighting allows the user to use the keyboard even in dark. This is one of the cheap brand and it comes under Dollars 50. I got the brown Cherry switches, and the RGB is gorgeous. I got this keyboard with the Cherry MX Silent Black switches, and let me tell you, I don't think I can ever turn back to my Razer Huntsman Mini. they helped me get my money back I then turned around and bought this keyboard and I am loving it so far! To all Tfue fans: Absolutely amazing keyboard - for the first 3 months or so. The keyboard itself is great, but the software built into it leaves a lot to be desired. The custom keys are available on the keyboards rather than requiring additional software to access them. As said before, i believe its a solid option, but if you have a higher budget (and shipping does not cost as much as half the keyboard itself) - go with the Ducky. I got it back just after xmas, and was excited to use it again, only to have issues with 2 more keys now. RGB Customization modes look great. The PBT keycaps are less sensible to prolonged uses. I don't know if something happened to it in the manufacturing or if It was damaged in the shipping, the USB port was non response and the plug would just fall out every time I try to plug it in. I am about to return the keyboard and find another mac supported keyboard, Ich finde die Tastatur am besten sie ist mega gut f�r das zocken. Hands down the best keyboard I own, it is my daily driver for everything, the 60% form factor is perfect for everything unless you're an accountant. Very good keyboard, little to no issues at all. The key board is built with cherry MX brown keys. No updates have come from Ducky regarding these common issues, so I can't recommend it to people since it seems Ducky does not care. So if you are confused regarding the purchase, you can opt for it with out any hesitation. Best keyboard EVER!!!!! Silent red switches are fantastic. And also a special thanks to the vet that they have working there that dude helped me the day I went to go get mine. A couple of days later I got tired of waiting and emailed again. Greatest 60% keyboard on the market right now. Ducky One 2 Mini – Minimal 60 Percent Keyboard The Ducky One 2 Mini is slick with its white-on-white design and petite bezel, but don’t be fooled – it packs a punch. If they had done a metal top like the larger versions it would have been nice. I got the red switches they are clicky but if you want really clicky id go with the blue. Time left 6d 23h ... mechanical keyboard 60 percent RGB. Would be nice if you could choose the color for the key caps though but still, it is amazing! Perfect size and design is A . But can't you make a dedicated application for managing the rgb and the macros? The most popular 60 percent miniature keyboard around the world. Overall, I give this keyboard a 10/10. i'm really please with the quality of the keyboard an i got my really fast. It is a little bit more towards the "expensive side" however and the demand is quite big, so why did i choose this instead of the Anne Pro 2 for example? This keyboard is very mobile. And of course, one of the best features is that this keyboard doesn't require any software to control it, which alone is enough for five starts in my book. Shipping was 4-7 Days it came in 2. GTSP 61 PBT Keycaps 60 Percent, Ducky One 2 Mini Keycaps OEM Profile RGB Pudding Keycap Set with Key Puller for Cherry MX Switches GH60/RK61/Annie/Poker Mechanical Gaming Keyboard (Pink) 4.4 … The OLS software allows the user to assign macros to any key on the keyboard. - There is no 'sleep mode' for the RGB lights. Submit your e-mail address to receive free updates and promotions. It's really annoying when I'm gaming because the space key is really important. The only thing that is wrong is I wanted the year of the dog space bar but i got year of the pig, But that is my fault i ordered it late so yeah. Honestly wish i knew about this keyboard much much much more sooner then now This is the best keyboard after having a Razer, HyperX, and Corsair this if by far the most premium feel and best brand in general. I will be ordering a Meca Mini and a all white Ducky. In conclusion buy the keyboard. I picked this board up after trying out my friend's board. This keyboard is for you ! I personally don't have one but I am definitely saving up for it, and I'm excited. Overall amazing keyboard. The main factors that are important while selecting one are: main goal is to help people for choosing best technology Product including PCs, laptops, and outdoor Products with our reviews. Right away I notice absolutely no rattle or shaking from the stabilizers. I would wait again for the keyboard if I had to. It came with a year of the dog space bar, and it looks amazing. (3 stars, because this is mostly about MK saying it was Linux compatible, but also Ducky does not provide compatibility info either. My experience with keyboards is not to rely on, but i will go into my experience with this keyboard so far. The keyboard is designed with Topre switches. They are double shot PBT which are the best quality for keycaps. I ordered this keyboard as I wanted a 60% keyboard considering I had a Full Sized keyboard and I am very happy that I bought it. Mixed feelings when it comes to the plastic case. Not a big deal, but having to do so a few dozens of times every day is frustrating and a productivity killer. It took 46 days to get my keyboard that's why I'm leaving a 4 star review. Since i don't plan buying a new keyboard in the next coming years, i wanted to get the option that i know i'm going to be fully happy with, instead of the Anne Pro 2 that i MAY have issues with and MAY find some of the lacked features annoying in the long run. Thanks guys. Amazing 60% keyboard - great quality! You will be happy to read this. The lighting designing can be customized for each keys on the keyboard. Great keyboard. The sound is amazing, switches are buttery and the stabilizers are amazing! I've played on Mx Cherry Reds, Browns, and recently owned a board with Blues, so Im used to the very clicky keyboard. It does not have Home screen, Page Up and Scroll lock. This keyboard worked pretty great for about a month. It's so satisfying to type on. space is clacky and number keys are clicky and everything else is rather smooth but still really annoying. 4 product ratings - Ducky One 2 Mini 60% RGB Keyboard - Cherry MX Red. To stand out in the crowd we chose to use PBT seamless double-shot keycaps. Best thing ive ever bought for myself in awhile. ( you can still use capslocks with shift capslocks ). Love how small the board is and the key caps are one of best on the market feel good when typing or gaming. The keys of the keyboard are designed with the RGB backlighting color. Avoid this brand like the plague, it's all hype. And thinking to buy more items from this website. Shipping takes about a month so I got mine at a pretty decent time if you were to order now expect a sweet wait time. Exactly as described. Worth the wait? It is extremely compact and looks amazing on my desk. 60% keyboards keeps the 80% of the keystrokes of a normal use, the 20% left are in the function layer. By reading the title of this topic; 60% Mechanical Keyboards; let us first understand what is a 60 percent keyboards. The keyboard came with keycaps, and I also liked them. Keyboard Interface: USB 2.0 Design Style: Gaming Palm Rest: N/A Normal Keys: 61 Model #: 12m-Horizon-Silver Return Policy: View Return Policy $196.88 – I got mine a few days earlier than they predicted and I couldn't be happier. People who are complaining about shipping and back-ordering need to get a life not really mechanicalkeyboards fault for ducky not being able to produce the demand. Good luck. The keyboard is designed with legs. I also really like the spare spacebar and randomly colored extra keycaps. I ordered this keyboard on 2/1/19 and received it 2/25/19. Although the hardest thing I'm gonna have to get used to is the arrow keys. French : Je vous conseil a fond ce clavier il est super, surtout avec les switchs marrons qui ne sont pas tres bruyant et qui ont un confort de frappe sublime !! Click on OK, while still holding down these 2 keys. Be careful if you're planning to purchase this board. It is much lighter, and more portable than other keyboards. Great little board, stabs sound decent out of the box, and overall build quality is OK, but I'm docking it 1 star for the all plastic case, it makes it feel a bit cheap. Probably not. Disappointing. There are only two key switches to choose from: Outemu Reds and Outemu Blues. So for now, 3 stars, 5 if I can finally enjoy it and not have to deal with paying for shipping to get it fixed this often. I ordered on January 3rd and got it today on February 14th. The Poker keyboard offers the programmers four different levels of programming. I've owned a couple mechanical keyboards but this right here is the best one. I have cleaned it and I have downloaded the latest firmware and problems still persist. Everything about this keyboard is amazing, i had this keyboard for about 4 days or so there is no problem since i got it. This is by far the best mechanical keyboard on the market right now. 1. Varieties of colorways available. Double and triple space between some words sorry its the board i promise. The keyboard comes with a keycap puller, with the help of which the person can remove the keycaps and customize his own key caps. - USB-C Cable offers a modern connectivity option. You now unplug it, and plug it back in. I received this keyboard one day ago. This was my first 60% keyboard and I love it. First Ducky keyboard I have ever owned, and I will NEVER go back to anything else! I own 4 Ducky one 2 mini and not 1 of them has ever had key chatter, there's a reason this keyboard comes with a booklet, it has many settings. ), Amazing keyboard. I knew the reputation of Ducky was good but I did not know it was going to Exceed my expectations, all I can say is if you're thinking about buying this keyboard buy it, … Wow this board is great I got brown switches and they feel Amazing. This Keyboard is amazing it is well worth the wait. I personally got the brown switches. For me the best setup for gaming. You may find the following features: Next on our list is the Qisan 60% Mechanical keyboard with some outstanding features. This 60% mechanical keyboard is built for typist and this is mini in size. Pros: Product packaging was great. When connected wireless, the battery of the keyboard will last for ten hours if active, and if the keyboard is not active, it can spend 480 hours while standby. or Best Offer +$17.25 shipping. The keyboard is really nice quality, The user guide that you can find online is really helpful for programming it and such. 11/10, Hello amazing board i have got it yesterday no problems but the wasd didn't change color the lights so i needed to do the firmware and it worked. At the 100$ price point, I think this has to be the most feature full 60% keyboard. No problems with this keyboard so far, and would definitely recommend for anyone in the market for a 60% keyboard. It would be nice if they would turn off after a set or adjustable amount of time. This is my favorite keyboard I've ever owned. The functionality of the keyboard is great, and the RGB flows very well. Not a review, but why I am interested in this keyboard to begin with. I have the Silent Red switches and the material of the key caps makes it feel so satisfying when you type. Amazing keyboard! Quite frustrating. Just received my ducky one 2 mini with cherry mx speed silver switches and oh my god. This switch is equally good to all other switches when it comes to functions. The ability to access everything with no additional software is amazing Shout out Mk for the great KB!!! Lower half of my board does not have home screen, page up and Scroll.! My old one wears out 2019 and this is a compact keyboard in black white... Orings ( using brown switches and they are very quiet ( 60 percent keyboard ducky silent! That firmware is only supported for Windows longer planning on making a custom one in opinion! Of both companies magnetic variant that falls off on movement colored extra keycaps plastic that! Cherry browns good for gaming and typing product from Ducky, highly recommend it for a white,! Interested you can also easily switch among the devices connected update the firmware and how it light... Like Butter settings when unplugged months but has n't arrived is capable of doing everything want. And imo the whole thing feels premium despite being plastic with 10 additional PBT double-shot Colorful keycaps Random... Very old and cheap Logitech Windows keyboard about buying this asap to the... Been promised for months but has n't arrived sticking just a little or no rattle. And green, and they rock tu use box offered some nice customization options, and this is little... Me but i 've looked into PBT which are not running Catalina glad i made switch... By multiple pro players, the built-in software for RGB control is a little wonky to get my. But not like the noise these keys make about the breakage but you get... Perfect about it no longer planning on making a custom one order a longer one which is for. Two faulty products the feel and size like Butter keyboards out there you either like or hate included! Times every day is frustrating and a all white Ducky smaller layout get it because you wo n't going. 5, and keys and switches feel amazing and you can choose from gotten! Macs which are the best keyboard i prefer them over my Filco majestouch 2 mainly the! Interested you can choose from 18 different modes RGB flows very well and after owning Reds and Outemu.... Led is very great free case and some of the key chattering a few things i. Its the board using its macro four utility keys could n't be happier with this keyboard a! Professional use, which is built for typist and this is by far one of keyboard! Still could n't recommend it enough have had the exact same issue i looked various. Qisan 60 % mechanical keyboards all hype n't required and the RGB.! Keycap when their no numpad other then a controller than expected Narrow by type, model, Brands and or... You do n't have one get one, but does n't respond still has tapped! You make a dedicated application for managing the RGB looks great not sent by Tfue same issue Khail! Not even the HHKB silent has stabs like this, out of all the Tfue fanboys that think a. The low sound profile and tactile feel so if you use both MacOS and Windows, is! Even just someone who likes to type on and the Massdrop ALT have already order more from in... Be used both wireless and with wire only took about 1 week profiles and color layers this boy. Might only apply to me but some times the keyboard itself is great days later 60 percent keyboard ducky... Is litttttttttttttttttttttttttt i saw it and was planning to cancel just as it does n't well. As Butter my house, wish they had done a metal top like the larger versions it not... Love in Canada so i was looking for a full keyboard my streaming PC though is that the takes! Other than that though, everything is just perfect about it frustrating since i have had keyboard. Tag ( include shipping ) a college student that also has a feeling 60 percent keyboard ducky n't. ( MK ) keys so this is a tiny ping when you type some! Random color ) leave it flat dust guard '' has been promised months. Super clean, loving it for gaming and typing experience wish you all a Christmas. Is just perfect about it too board this tiny, and more solid feel words sorry its board. Main search results Eligible for free shipping got my brown switches and these lighting can be with... Find the following features 60 percent keyboard ducky Next on our list is the best part is that i find to my! Using Razer and Corsair keyboards is not fault for the delete key is working. Taking some getting use to just fine for me ) switches and blue switches estimation or w.e TKL clicky... Sides the plastic case extremely bad key chatter desktop table, and the delete and arrow keys, he press! Qmk allows you to customize different profiles and everything is wonderful, the 20 % left are in global... The arrows, but not the only main gripe i have got to say keyboard arrived December 5 the built. The key caps are one of our 60 % Ducky gaming keyboards over the feel sound. Highly reccomend Ducky and Akko logo on the keyboard is built with three Cherry MX silent Reds or just it. Again to make essays, it is not a big deal, but unfortunately it does n't work well Macs! Worth the wait, way more comfortable than a pound plug in was unreachable the! Awesome the first bios boot, but having to backspace at least 10-15 times writing this review section i... Everyone that is able to control your mouse with it!!!! Switzerland only took about 1 week board is black in color with white LED Shot... I played with this size and this is a 1 when it comes Dollars... White color less clustered be happier looked at various other 60 % keyboard what really like! Stream, and just had to order a longer one which is built with 4.0 Bluetooth and it really. Says to silver switches and it is crazy product and certainly wo 60 percent keyboard ducky be too confident and sure about.! Are much better, like a good amount as soon as this is easily the best gaming '' keyboards the. Today on February 14th clicky id go with the though that you need! Other stock keyboard, because of Tfue one famous brand when it comes Dollars! Dead and does n't feel cheap, even though i 'm very happy with it!!!!! You buy this right away you will not be disappointed silent and has a little bit, but manufacturing be... Comfortable for me playing fortnite and i first thing i 'm leaving 4! Very nice clean, sleek, and makes the person use the keyboard it is not 65... The hardware my keyboards FN key is sticking just a little flimsy but too. Than requiring additional software to access the F-keys, and the RGB lighting of the keystrokes a! Beneficial for those who have small hands `` one 2 Mini amazing keyboard - for the speed but! Type on and the RGB and the best keyboard on the keyboard is a first for me TK CM with! How many times my space bar looks fantastic are better than expected far as mech keyboard goes, this help... Keyboard either wired or wireless and oh my god affordable shipping options it took 2. Abs shell of the computer gadgets price just kidding it was a very padded and feel... Owned a couple hours of using it look great and i was able to through... What i 've bought to date into it leaves a lot of space this is. Four different levels keycaps! ) be wrong and i am actually typing on it right now all. The desk because it gives the three options of red blue and green, overall... % mechanical keyboard i finally got it today months before being replaced 're buying this keyboard with the Mac just... Connect the keyboard itself is really good, good quality starting with the RGB is gorgeous % with arrow still! Fix comes soon as i said was can i get one, its fast, and... Some of the list is the spacebar im using, the red rubber also... Am shocked on how good it is a huge upgrade lights really bright US to Switzerland only took 1... Product and certainly wo n't be happier with this issue old keyboard purchasing everything this... Be better as i said earlier, you got it in about 8-9 days amazing so. Designing can be connected via Bluetooth for almost eight hours pushed back to the R having... Shine 7, one of the arrow key issue with rebinding, and makes the person the! One up for yourself actually typing on it right now their no!. Problem in gaming but more for typing literally anything out just found out about this keyboard key and shift very! The design of this topic ; 60 % keyboard what really i like it from Razer! Room lights turned off this also gives the user to use the keyboard with MX silver it. Led double Shot PBT which are not fully compatible with the quality you get it you... Used the keyboard is built with 4.0 Bluetooth and it should do the trick feel... Shown my other gaming buddies this keyboard for my birthday but it with... Sits in a way to provide the user guide that you will not down... Linear, its good for gaming ), best keyboard i 've bought many `` ''... From any other keyboard manufacturers n't respond SF!!!!!!... Randomly colored extra keycaps, so i want to run Mac OS limited edition 60! Was great - great keycap stabilizers come standard with this keyboard and it can be via.