West … 500 feet from the statue ? Did you have differed findings from other decoded works that others have done? 2. Has anyone tried a certain book of the bible or something written by Quakers (key in hands of friends). Die Zahlen repräsentieren die Anfangsbuchstaben der n-ten Wörter im Originaltext. Its far more than that. I give you this:6-10 4-03-20-14-15-24-18-31 32-38-11-8-52 El Dorado is a myth. Let’s not ignore the elephant in the drawing room…”7 e’s and 7 consonants and two unknowns”? Foxtrot : this for you, I found the monument that he referred to when he buried the first treasure. The mere fact that what has emerged is testament for a form of recognition. 0. Spencer. Hi Angie…here’s where you should concentrate on for Beale: 1+2+3+4+5+6+ ………. Chester Davies statue, Rock Creek Cemetery, Hole Lens, Virginia or City Lens, Virginia. From 1 to 141: There is also some reference to Los Lunas New Mexico. If I am right, there may be more interesting stuff to be found. In the late 1817 Beale and some of his treasure made it back to Virginia at the start of winter. 0. The author of B1 could have selected the word “mock” to indicate a “K” for “knee”. And, here’s my effort to promote Project Red Knee, a product of the Beale Papers: The letters state that without the aid of a key, not keys. Site survey is the attempt to systematically locate features of interest, such as houses within a site. What interests me, is the part of the story that tells of 21 skeletons found inside the cave containing the gold. The Secret History of the Rosicrucians – 4. A beale cipher is a modified Book Cipher. I did indeed speak with Mr. Gillogly. Thanks. 0. Ward published a pamphlet called “The Beale Papers,” written by an anonymous … his checklist and addenda PDFs (both highly recommended). Ronald: as I’m sure you already know, Beale cryptologists such as Jim Gillogly have managed to lay bare precisely how unintentional errors in the enciphering of B2 caused the differences. 33+34+35+36 = ???? Beale Cipher Decoded. I, myself, have other locations that the ciphers indicate that treasure is hidden. The “chestnut” is long over due to be told; I will commence soon. Einige Monate später erhielt Morriss einen Brief von Beale aus St. Louis, in dem er angewiesen wurde, die Kiste für zehn Jahre aufzubewahren und, wenn niemand deren Rückgabe verlangen würde, die Kiste zu öffnen und die enthaltenen Papiere mithilfe des Schlüssels, den er dann im Juni 1832 erhalten sollte, zu entschlüsseln. Using the technique as explained by Stan Clayton in his book, I deciphered part of C1 as follows: “THE PLACE WE BURIED GOLD CAN BE LOCATED BY GOING NORTH WHERE A MONUMENT STANDS BEFORE Jim Gillogly’s Beale sequence with two number before it. Wow?! This is 666 statute miles. As a result, he does not believe that the ciphers are a hoax. We talk. Gwiazdozbiór SMOKA ale bez GŁOWY SMOKA If no one is paying attention then there is reason to continue right now. Only the Beale-version of the DOI will illuminate both the string as well as the10 numbers which cannot be converted to letters- and these 10 numbers are actually more important than the string. Note this: The near exact straight line from DC, Wilmington, Philadelphia, Trenton, NYC (statue of liberty), Bridgeport, New Haven, Boston to MSI is a line that intersects these cities (no more, no less) and the line contains exactly NINE points DC through Machias Seal Island. Is there a treasure? Its taken a lot longer than intended because I’ve been working in China most of this year. But White is … However I did find some initial s and names. Then again, maybe David Ovason is a like minded individual. Stan, Through research of 18 years, it became apparent that there are multiple sites of suspected hidden wealth. We need participation so that different people get to find the treasures. John Jay wrote articles 2, 3, 4, 51, and 64 of the ” Federalist Papers ” . Are you going to publish a book on the Beale Treasure? 2290. In all 3 pages, the 2nd page is solved, but other pages are unsolved yet. One of Stephen M. Matyas Jr.’s major contributions to Beale Cipher research is his extensive collection of printed versions of the Declaration of Independence from 1776-1825, which is available both in printed form and online on his website, e.g. ), who is interested in receiving it please email me at [email protected] and I will send it you free of charge. I actually have solved the “ciphers” and all I will say at this point is that the “given” portion of the ciphers, the numbers, are not the entirety of the ciphers (if you can call them that)- all of the narrative is just as important to cracking the code- and I can concretely say- there is no treasure- so put the shovels down. Ich habe in Bedford County, etwa vier Meilen von Buford, in einer Aushöhlung zwei Meter unter der Erdoberfläche, die folgenden Gegenstände deponiert, die jenen Personen gehören, welche in Nummer drei genannt sind: Das erste Depot besteht aus 1.014 Pfund Gold und 3.812 Pfund Silber, eingelagert im November 1819. Finding out who the people were has been very difficult. Rick A. Roberts, Hi RICK.YES I HAVE PUBLISHED A BOOK CALLED THE BEALE TREASURE MAP TO CIPHER SUCCESS WHICH SHOWS WHOLE DECODED SENTENCES LIKE. In the appendix to my book, “The Jefferson Mysteries, Declaration of Independence” I present a logical argument that the code was written by Beverly Hemings in response to his father’s hypocrisy. I will be moving on to the BEAL and BEALS surnames next. Let's decipher the Beale Ciphers consisting of 3 pages, and get vast treasure! Check out the Youtube video by Googling “Seeling Beale’s Treasure Youtube” …the spider? 1 (hereinafter referred to as B1). ERE FEN DUE RED KNEE I just finished rereading a message that Stan left on the Dorabella cipher Site about the Cemetery and name on the headstone that he was seekin. Who knows? Likewise, the “U” makes the most sense for the final plaintext and “U” does not appear as the final letter of any word in the DOI. The first Beale Cipher revealed the location of the vault. Personally, I think this indicates that B1 is a real codetext, and perhaps even that a differently-miscounted version of the Declaration of Independence was used to encode it (though with a simple cipher applied to it too). Foxtrot: It is said that a person called Beale buried his treasure in United States in the 19th century. So…. The treasure hunter relies more on clues and common sense where a decipher is skilled in finding the clues. The Key to the Beale Ciphers has been found. The Beale Treasure pertains to millions of dollars of gold, silver, and jewels allegedly buried in the mountains of Bedford County, VA. nice try. It would be a wonderful thing if this proved to be connected to the story in the Beale Papers, but from what we currently know I’d say that the odds of that being the case were slim to zero, sorry. Your email address will not be published. The Three Texts. Other new clues have to agree with the situation at hand in order to define whether the story is true. They say, that pages 1 and 2 contain clues to the first page so that you can find the treasure? For one, “ERE FEN D?E RED ?NEE” is so overwhelmed by E’s (7 E’s, 7 consonants, 2 unknowns) that it is very hard for me (at least) to see it as a real message rather than an arbitrary series of word-final letters. I could stick something in the mail if you are or send you a small sample via email to show you what I’ve found- and its bulletproof. But White is not alone-shadowy forces are tight on his tail. Anyone that wishes to contribute to this line of discussion is encouraged; to talk to me privately, please write: [email protected], una sola pregunta porque el numero 1 sale una sola ves y los demás números se repiten dos y hasta tres veces 37 = e As a Beale Enthusiast, I have been working on part-time on the Beale Cyphers since 1980. Home; Profil. STANLEY CLAYTON. Why would Thomas use this spelling of his name by his own hand in the decoded ciphers? About 19 miles from the tavern he took a right on a trail that let him to the top of the hill. Is it “Right Corner”? As with most crypto guys, if your decryption involves gematria, extensive anagramming, previously unknown backslang, or a polyglot mix of revealed languages (all things I’ve seen claimed in the past, *sigh*), he’s probably not going to be hugely interested. With Kevin Cox, Richard Dusatko, Michael Falcone, Scott Johnson. I contribute here extremely sporadically…and as others may know I make the claim like so many others that I’ve solved the TBPs- but other than publishing my own book, what or who could I turn to to have someone review it prior to prove it? Would love to participate as this is more local to me and I love codes! Surely there would be mention in a paper somewhere of the party that went west and never returned?? The Beale papers were the most tedious writings I have ever attempted to read entirely. My hope is that the Chester Davies Statue(Monument) is found and that the treasure is 500 feet to the West of it”. Why did Poe include a “tarantula” in the beginning of The Gold Bug tale if not for a reason? Did you see my previous posting about the Chester Davies Statue(Monument) ? 910. There are three one tells how much – 1. It’s either a hoax or out-of-date (and probably useless) directions to some money. cipher author may have based their Beale cipher from. Therefore, ERE FEN DUE RED KNEE jumps right out at you; this does not seem to be coincidence or anything but an intended message….especially since the plaintext is backwards! Learn how your comment data is processed. I’m going to tell you how he did it and why? If you decode Beale's first cipher with some versions of the Declaration of Independence, as James Gillogly tried in 1980, you'll get gobbledygook—with the exception of this pseudo-alphabetical string in the middle of the code. The people who are due to receive the gold; 3. I know! I have a question, Well, 583.5 statute miles from DC on the line to MSI falls short of the island. If the guy who broke the metal box and found a copy of the Declaration of Independence hidden in the bottom, then, in my opinion, the one document would be the key to all 3 cipers – just sayin’. The Beale Papers pamphlet describes three encoded messages (codes, ciphers or cyphers).One of the ciphers specifies the location of a buried treasure of gold and silver estimated to be worth more than $30 million dollars. All discussion welcomed as this seems to be the best place I’ve found so far on the interwebs for these kind of topics. 1885 there were only a few and it’s not a novel. Hmmm. The Master Mason shall throw away his “substitute” and the Royal Arch Masons will no longer need Three times Three to repeat that which has been found, and all of Heaven shall exclaim, “Holiness to the Lord, Holiness to the Lord, Holiness to the Lord!”, One greater than Solomon is here! DAYVEE(DAVIES?) The technique is based on the well-known method of cryptanalysis called "probable word." A few months later, Beale sent a letter to Morriss from St. Louis, promising that the key to the ciphers would be arriving shortly, however, it never arrived. Thanks Nick for facilitating! I heard many year’s back about the Beale Treasure and the Map its nothing but a farce. Opinions in this area are meant to assist the end user. Run an approximate straight line from the DC monument (obelisk) to Machias Seal Island. POLAND, Gdynia, Leokadia Janiszewska, 31.05.2016. I’ll email you separately. The mistake everyone makes is assuming the information in the Ciphers is arbitrary- that you can make line breaks wherever you need to when copying down the numbers. Did you decipher Paper “1”, “2” and “3” ? Maybe he was wanted by the law where he was heading or the items he had acquired belonged to some one else? Brandon: the fact that B1 both has stats that point to the same DoI source as B2 and yet apparently has number entries that are too high for it is a really interesting thing. entoces 1 es un área determinada en el infinito, Justin: why yes, this site is very active. Well…I’ve made two overtures to Crytologia to publish my entire Beale Proof…provided they tell me how I can conform my proof to their publishing guidelines. I’m going to wait till Monday, hopefully by then I hear if anybody is pay attention. To all you people who think you have solved B1, you are 99.99999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999% probably wrong. REALLY…..COME ON PEOPLE, HE SCAMMED THE GOOD PEOPLE OF VIRGINIA OR WHEREVER ITS SUPPOSED TO BE BURIED. The spider…it leads to “The Gold Bug” …something hidden within the tale. On page 17 of the Beale Ciphers (hopefully you have the same ciphers that I do) we find the words: "The letter, or paper, so often alluded to, and marked "2" which is fully explained by the foregoing document, is as follows:" Now, on page 18 we find the translation to this part of the ciphers. ELNS(E.L.N.s’) GOLD COINS V(FIVE) R(ARE) N(IN) A BED N(IN) A TUNNEL – LET A PAIL – GABBRIELLS LG(LARGE) GOLD N(IN) V(FIVE) RED HUE POT OF THIN IRON POTS SO E(AND) TOO V(FIVE) GUESSES N(AND) SEE OATHS A SWOON(SWORN) W(WHEN) A(ALL) THE AUS(GOLD’S) DUE & AR(OUR) BOXES CHEST AR(ARE) – C(SEE) V(FIVE) MEN AS HDS R(ARE) WITH N RATS C(SEE) RE(ARE) VAULT N(IN) & C(SEE) MEN – AND AS PEOPLE CONQUER EQUIO REQUEST V(FIVE) MEN N(AN) AX R(ARE) FLTENOW(FLAT TEN NOW) OF JEWELS GEMS E(AND)VAULTS OF COINS IN HEAVY IVY I SEE ARRS(OURS) – LLS BOX – TAENIE(SMALL, EMPTY UNTIL NOW) VAULTS OF COINS GOLD BARS ANDUMP(AND DUMP) SNUG AL(ALL SNUG) – ONLY SAE(SAY) ARRS(OURS) IS INASH( IN ASH? The urns, there were five of them on the roof and were destroyed. Around 1885, a short pamphlet was published in Lynchburg, Tennessee: it contained a story about a young man called Thomas Beale who had allegedly deposited a sizeable treasure (worth approx $63m in 2011) in two deposits in 1819 and 1821. The pamphlet included a decoding of B2 (using a slightly miscounted Declaration of Independence as a codebook), but nothing for B1 and B3. He did not want anybody to know except, his family members which were not with him based on the dangers of the new territory. Professor White, cryptographer extraordinaire, is on the trail of the notoriously uncrackable Thomas Beale cipher, a century-old riddle hiding the location of a fortune in gold. The man responsible is walking you through the decipherment process at http://www.thebealemystery.org . Boston to MSI is right at 266.5. The page of cipher with 500+ characters starts with the number 71. Die Zahlen repräsentieren die Anfangsbuchstaben der n-ten Wörter im Originaltext. The Beale Papers is a massive coded miracle. He counted the steps to be 63 to be exact by the numbers he plotted on the first page. And, between words #154 and #155 (institute and new) is inserted (incorrectly) the word: “a”. knowing the trick, and with a key) and being hard to decrypt (i.e. Nick, I am a skeptic more than a believer for sure however my job forces me to look at different angles. What do you think of my deciphering that I posted back in February of this year? I just looked at a posting by on 23OCT13 by Duncan Walters. The second key file is just another quotation (from B.F. Skinner). Stan Clayton and others, James Gillogly’s paper: The Beale Cipher: A Dissenting Opinion (on line). Historical and Analytical Studies in Relation to the Beale Cypers, dated 7 March 1970 Liczba 1706 – Benjamin Franklin, USA. If you believe the lore, Beale found a treasure of gold, silver, and jewels out West, hauled it home to Virginia, and buried it.