Ghazal ♀ Arabic Ghazala ♀ Arabic Further Information. 8 is the lucky number for Ghazala and favorable numbers are 1, 2, 3, 6, 9, 15, 24. Name:Ghazala Origin: Muslim, Meaning, SoulUrge, Expression. Meaning of Muslim Girl name Ghazala is Gazelle; A young deer. Deer. The ruling hours for Ghazala are 7pm To 9pm while lucky days have been wednesday, friday, saturday. Meaning of Ghazala name - Gazelle, A young deer | Numerology of Ghazala | Rashi of Ghazala | Nakshatra of Ghazala Ghazala name meaning, Arabic baby Girl name Ghazala meaning,etymology, history, presonality details. Note: Please note that cannot guarantee the accuracy of the meanings of names listed on this site. Ghazala is a Girl name, meaning Gazelle, a young deer, the s in muslim origin. See the popularity of the girl's name Ghazala over time, plus its meaning, origin, common sibling names, and more in BabyCenter's Baby Names tool. Originally Ghazala name meaning stands to spinner. Ghazala is baby girl name mainly popular in Muslim religion and its main origin is Arabic. Ghazala of Meaning Name: "Ghazala" Gender: Female (Baby girl names) Origin: Muslim, Meaning : Muslim Meaning:Gazelle.Deer. People with this name are generally diplomatic, balanced and patient. 22% Urdu. Both spellings are acceptable. Ghazala is a name of girl, the origin of Ghazala name is Arabic. View Complete Detail Of name Ghazala , Muslim Baby Names Ghazala . Ghazala Meaning - Gazelle, Deer. You convey this distinguishing proof from childhood to the older and last age. In The United States those bearing the Ghazala last name are 6.77% more likely to be registered with the Democrat Party than the national average, with 60% being registered with the party. Name meaning Deer like, graceful, ghazal = gazelle. Ghazala meaning in Urdu and English. The meaning, origin and history for the user-submitted name Ghazala. Arabic. In Muslim the meaning of the name Ghazala is: Gazelle. Ghazala is a name for Girls The meaning of Ghazala is Gazelle, Fawn, a young deer, the sun. Latin spelling of the Arabic name غَزَالة (Ghazala) meaning 'female gazelle' Gazelle Image by Frank Dickert, License: Creative Commons, CC-BY-SA: Related Names. Origin | The name Ghazala originates from: Islamic. Please feel free to read what others say about this name and to share your comments if you have more information.. N.B. Name Detail Of Ghazala With Meaning , Origin and Numorology . Find out below. Popularity of the name Ghazala in 30 countries, origin and meaning of the name Ghazala For more details on this name and its pronunciation see: Ghazalah Origin and Meaning of Ghazala User Submitted Origins. See also the related categories, english, gazelle, and arabic. Ghazala - Detailed Meaning. You appreciate the company of others, to the point that you do not like to be by yourself for very long. It is very popular in Arab among Muslim communities. Ghazala name meanings is Gazelle, Fawn, a young deer, the sun. SoulUrge 3: People with this name have a deep inner desire to create and express themselves, often in public speaking, acting, writing or singing. Deer.. Find similar names like Ghazala. According to numerology, venus is the ruling planet for Ghazala. 22% Islamic/Muslim. The ghazal (Arabic: غَزَل ‎, Bengali: গজল, Urdu: غزَل, Hindi: ग़ज़ल, Persian: غزل ‎, Azerbaijani: qəzəl, Turkish: gazel, Uzbek: gʻazal, Gujarati: ગઝલ) is a form of amatory poem or ode, originating in Arabic poetry.A ghazal may be understood as a poetic expression of both the pain of loss or separation and the beauty of love in spite of that pain. Auspicious or favorable numbers for Ghazala are 1, 2, 3, 6, 9, 15, 24. Ghazala is a baby girl name … - BabyCenter Ghazala is a name of a girl and its actual meaning is gazelle or a young deer. They are good for partnership and collaboration. Angelsname - World's Largest Baby Collection . Ghazala is another spelling of the girl name Ghazalah.They are the same name and have the same meaning and pronunciation. There is nothing surprising in this: both names have the same origin or the same numbers of numerology. Ghazala means Gazelle. How common is the name Ghazala. Other popular Girl names. Lucky Number associated with this name is 8. A name gives you recognizable proof in the society. Ghazaala, Ghazalah, Ghazalea, Ghazaleah, Ghazalia, Ghazaliah, Ghazalla, and Ghazallah are variant transcriptions of Ghazala. Ghazala is an Arabic and English name of Arabic origin. Find the complete details of Ghazala name on BabyNamesCube, the most trusted source for baby name meaning, numerology, origins, similar names and more! Hi, Here you can get the information about Ghazala Name Like Ghazala Name Meaning, Ghazala Lucky Days, Ghazala Lucky Stone and Ghazala Lucky Number. 44% Persian/Iranian. What does the name Ghazala mean? Meaning | The name Ghazala means: Deer or Like A Deer. Learn about origin, meaning and other facts about the girl’s name Ghazala and find alternate name ideas here. Ghazala name meaning in Urdu - Ghazala is a Muslim Girl name, originating from Arabic language. Deer. Ghazala - Name Meaning - Is the name of Ghazala helping or hurting you? Origin and Meaning. Lucky number for this name is 2. Also see the lists of names of Arabic, Persian/Iranian, or Urdu origins. This page also accommodates origin, lucky number, and religion in Urdu. The religious adherence of those bearing the Ghazala last name is principally Druze (53%) in Lebanon. Meaning and information about Ghazala, What does Ghazala mean? Ghazala name numerology is 11 and here you can learn how to pronounce Ghazala, Ghazala origin and similar names to Ghazala name. Ghazala Last Name Statistics demography. 11%. Ghazala Baby Girl First Name Meaning and Origin - Baby First Names Website Ghazala name meaning, Arabic baby Girl name Ghazala meaning,etymology, history, presonality details. Meanings Muslim Baby Names Meaning: In Muslim Baby Names the meaning of the name Ghazala is: Gazelle. For this reason we would advise you consult a local Imam for verification before deciding to keep a name for your baby. People search this name as Ghazala, Ghazalan, Ghazala fahimkhan, Ghazala fahim khan, Ghazala meaning in urdu. its meaning Gazelle, a young deer. Ghazala name meaning in Urdu is Spinner There are other meanings of Ghazala in Urdu mentioned on this page. Country | The name Ghazala is popular in the following countries and nearby regions: India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Indonesia, Islamic. Ghazala Dolly Avidan name meaning, the meaning of the name Ghazala Dolly Avidan name meaning of Ghazala Dolly Avidan full meaning of Ghazala Dolly Avidan name All information about the first name Ghazala. Ghazala Name Detail with Meaning in Urdu/Arabic. Ghazala Tikia Surjit name meaning, the meaning of the name Ghazala Tikia Surjit name meaning of Ghazala Tikia Surjit full meaning of Ghazala Tikia Surjit name The meaning of the name is gazelle. Meaning and Origin. Know Rashi, Nakshatra, Numerology, Religion, Gender, Similar Names and Variant Names for name Ghazala. Ghazala name brief: Muslim Meaning: The name Ghazala is a Muslim baby name. Ghazala is a Muslim Baby girl name, it is from Arabic origin. Ghazala is an Muslim girl name, meaning spinner. Ghazala is an Arabic origin name and is used mostly for Baby Girl Names. The name of Ghazala creates an easy-going, good-natured personality, meeting and mixing easily. Sometimes it happens that another name has the same meaning. Ghazala Rhyming, similar names and popularity. Discover your core purpose and make it a reality through a Balanced Name - ancient wisdom for a modern world. Meaning of the Ghazala is Gazelle, a young deer, the sun. Ghazala Rhyming, similar names and popularity. What is the meaning of Ghazala? Urban Dictionary and our advertising partners set cookies on your computer to improve our site and the advertisements you see. Meaning of Name Ghazala: Information on origin, gender, religion, nicknames and meaning of Ghazala. Ruling hours by numerology for Ghazala are 7pm to 9pm and lucky days are wednesday, friday, saturday.Lucky metals for Ghazala are silver, copper. Meaning: The meaning of the name Ghazala is: Gazelle, Gazelle deer. How to write Ghazala in Urdu Arabic English.