More recent figures include the Papandreou family, arguably the most influential in post World War II Greece, Panagiotis Kanellopoulos, the last democratically elected head of government before the establishment of the 1967 junta, and Costis Stephanopoulos, the former president of the Hellenic Republic. This Webpage is maintained by Alumni members of #TheLastBenchers, #MaaCharchikaGroup and #AndroidGamers. Root-Digestive, Piles, Cough,  Leprosy,   Diarrhea, Scabies,  Ulcer, Rhizome-Nervine tonic  Jaundice, Asthma, Skin diseases, Flower, Root - Inflammation of cornea, Tooth ache, Leaves- Carminative, Hypoglycemic , Diabetes, Cold, Leaves, Seeds-Improves memory, Brain tonic, madness, disease of skin & nerve, Root- Antibacterial, Anti inflammatory, Paralysis, Obesity, Leaves, Seeds-Cold, cough Bronchitis Asthma, fever, Malaria, acne, memory tonic, revitalizer,  insect sting, Leaves, stem, bark - Mouth ulcer, antiseptic, toothache, astringent, digestive. The main freight station of Aghios Andreas lies further to the south, next to the homonymous church and it is not in use any more. Arthritis, removes pain  in tumors, Fruit-Pain killer, colic, Leaves-Anti inflammatory, sprain, Leaves, Seeds-Cough, Itching, tooth ache Cough, asthma, skin diseases, tooth ache, gynecological  disorder, general debility, Root- Dasmoola, Tonic, Stomachic, Astringent, Leaves, Flowers - Insect sting,  Carminative, Psoriasis , Skin eruption, Cough  & Cold, Fruit (Dried inflorescence), Rhizome - Stimulant, Carminative Asthma, cough, rheumatism, aphrodisiac, anthelmintic, Root, leaves - Cough, ear-ache, dyspepsia, Leaves, Flower, Root bark- Fever, Malaria, Filaria, Cough ,Cold, rheumatism, skin diseases, diabetes, headache, Leaves- Skin disease,  Acidity, spleen & lever problem, rheumatism, skin diseases,  Cosmetics, Eemmenagogue & abdomen pain, Seed – Urinary diseases, Aphrodisiac, Tonic, heart disease, skin diseases, Seed- Carminative Stimulant, digestive, asthma, cold & cough, haemorrhoid, Fruit-Digestive, Astringent,  stimulant, urinary disorders, menorrhea, Leaves, Roots - Diabetes, cough, indigestion piles, worms, jaundice, emetic, Gum, Leaves, Bark -  Insect repellant Aromatic, Anti-obesity, Rheumatic arthritis, stimulant,  skin diseases, Stem, Root, Bark-Anti pyretic, Debility, Immuno-modulator,  Rheumatism, heart & chest diseases,  urinary & skin diseases, Leprosy, fever, cough & cold, diabetes, Stem , Leaves, seed -Bone setting, digestion, Rhizome- Jaundice, Antiseptic, Blood purifier, Antioxidant, cough, worm, Fruit-Carminative, tonic, Laxative, piles, digestive, uro-genital disorder, lever trouble, arthritis, Leave-Disinfectant Antibacterial Dysentery, Diarrhea, insect sting, swelling, Seeds- Bronchitis, Asthma, rheumatism, blood cancer. Nowadays, the municipal units of Rio, Paralia, Messatida and Vrachnaiika have functionally become a part of the wider urban complex of Patras. The city has always been a sea-trade hub because of its strategic position. Fruit juice -Stomachic, Appetizer Digestive, Diarrhea, Dysentery, Antiseptic, Stimulant, Bark - Astringent, ophthalmic, bleeding gums, Whole plant-Febrifuge, Galactogogue,  Skin  & eye diseases, hemorrhoids, Root, Flower, Seeds-Anti obesity,  Aromatic, expectorant, skin diseases, cardiac tonic, wound & hemorrhage Leaves-Asthma, Bark-Ulcer, Bleeding gum, Flower-Stimulant, , tonic & aphrodisiac Antihelmintic, Flower, Root -  Blood purifier, emmanagogue,  ear nose & throat diseases, ringworm, ulcers, Flower- Hair tonic, Leave-De-worming, foot burning Gynecological  problems, easy child birth, growth of hair, head and heart weakness, Leave –Skin infection, Antifungal, Hair conditioner, menstrual disorders,  burning sensation, premature graying of hair, skin diseases, blood purifier, Fruit, Flower, Bark-Astringent, antibacterial Tonic, carminative, hic -cough, diarrhea, dysentery, gynecological disorder, anemia, Stem, bark, leaf - Antibacterial, dysentery, spermatorrhoea, sprains, wound & boils, Fruit, Bark, Root -Stomachic, urinary diseases,  astringent, colic, expectorant, scabies, Bark, Flower-Blood purifier, Urinary infection Gynecological disorder , urinary problem, seminal weakness, cough, skin diseases, bleeding piles, ringworm & ulcers, Root - Blood dysentry, fever, cough, indigestion, wound, Flower-  Cough & cold, Expectorant, analgesic, bleeding piles, burning feet, astringent, aphrodisiac, fever, dysentery, Leaves, Fruit-Antimicrobial, Antifungal, Antiviral ,  Antipyretic,  Antiseptic, Blood purifies, Skin diseases,  Mouth diseases, Wound, Leave, Root - Blood purifier, Gynecological trouble, Eczema,  Hematological and menstrual disorder, antispasmodic, expectorant, skin diseases,  general debility, Rhizome- Carminative, External injury, Snake bite, Flower-Haemostatic, Urinary disorder,  Skin & urine diseases, piles, aphrodisiac, antihelminitic, Bark-Dropsy & bowel complaint, Aphrodisiac, Antihelmintic,  haemostatic,  Seed oil -Skin disease & anointing, Rhizomer- Tonic, Bronchitis, Asthma, Nutritious Carminative, Cardio tonic, Diuretic, Febrifuge, Seminal disorder, Bronchitis, Asthma, General debility, Root-Rheumatism, Blood dysentery, fever, analgesic, leucoderma, gynecological  disorders, Unripe fruit-Astringent, Ripe fruit-Laxative, Rhizome- Digestive, Appetizer, cold & cough, asthma, worms, skin diseases, stimulant, Leaves-Body ache, Digestive, Diarrhea, Rheumatism, fever, colic, insomnia, Root-  High Blood pressure, Sedative, insanity, chest  & abdominal pain, Seed-Narcotic, Root-Astringent,  Appetizer, diuretic, expectorant, rheumatism, general debility & Fever. Leave, Flower-Diuretic, Ant-helmintic Skin disease, Aphrodisiac, mental debility, antiseptic, astringent, Seed Kernel-Astringent, Digestive, Carminative, Seed oil-Inflammation, rheumatism, laxative, stomach-ache, tumors & boils, aphrodisiac, Fruit & Bark -Stomachic, Diuretic, Anti diabetic, haemostatic, arthritis, dysentery, vomiting, skin diseases, Root, Bark -Expectorant, Anti diabetic Alterant,  intellect promoting, cold & cough, rheumatism, heart disease, aphrodisiac, Fruit, bark, leaves- Dysentery, aphrodisiac, appetizer, skin diseases. The city hosts consulates from the following countries:[citation needed]. [14] More specifically, the main sights of the city are: As a part of the 2006 European Capital of Culture programme, there was a project for the restoration of the city's architectural heritage. Ancient Patras was formed by the unification of three Mycenaean villages in modern Aroi, namely ancient Aroe, Antheia (from mythological Antheia) and Mesatis. The area on the south of the castle, around the Roman Odeon. The city is the seat of the Greek Orthodox Metropolis of Patras. [citation needed] Major businesses in Patras include: Most Greek banks have their regional headquarters for Western Greece in Patras. FWE 2015-2016 PART-2, LOCAL TOUR 1. It is native to India and is usually found in tropical and subtropical regions. Rhizome-Nervine tonic, Analgesic, Cough, stomachic, Epilepsy & convulsion, colic, remittent fever, insect repellant.. Ethnobotanical study was carried out in the coastal districts of Odisha during 2010-2011 to document the medicinal utility of plants. This programme will among other things concentrate on art workshops, the transfer of know-how, way of life and entertainment.[55][56]. All the urban bus lines are about 40, with three numbers. The most notable of these are the Psila Alonia and the Georgiou I Square. A replica of Patras Lighthouse, the city's emblematic old lighthouse – which was at the dock of Ayios Nikolaos – rises at the end of Trion Navarchon street, near the temple of Saint Andreas. In general, much of Patras' coastline is framed by roads and avenues running alongside; these include Dymaion Coast to the south and Iroon Polytechneiou Street to the north. [citation needed], Some of the largest industries in the city belong to the soft drinks and drinks sector. ", "WESTPOINT - Mια αρχιτεκτονική βόλτα στην Πάτρα", Αρχιτεκτονικοί θησαυροί της Πάτρας που έγιναν πολυκατοικίες, "Population & housing census 2001 (incl. Since 2014, mayor of the city is Kostas Peletidis. The new city was planned under the supervision of Stamatis Voulgaris following orders by Ioannis Kapodistrias. Venice and Genoa attacked and captured it several times in the 15th and 16th centuries, but never re-established their rule effectively, except for a period of Venetian rule in 1687–1715 after the Morean War.[9]. The area still retains some of its traditional winemaking and foodstuff industries as well as a small agricultural sector. Patras developed quickly into the second-largest urban centre in late-19th-century Greece. Further, four poles/programmes of cultural attraction will be developed. [53], The cultural activity of Patras includes the Patras International Festival (with various artistic activities, mainly in the fields of theatre and music), the Patras Carnival and the Poetry Symposium.[54]. E1584 VOL. Commuter rail services have recently been established by Proastiakos, with one line currently connecting Patras, Rio, and Agios Vasileios. The new Archaeological museum was completed in 2009. The latter hosts a full-time professional theatre group, while there are several amateur groups performing in the city. Other Roman monuments include the ruins of the Roman stadium, remains of the Roman wall and a preserved bridge over the river Kallinaos. The Ottoman baths (16th century), still retain their initial use, and are one of the oldest Ottoman baths surviving in Europe. [70], Patras is served by buses. The central passenger train station of Patras which is a small building constructed in 1954, lies to the west of the downtown area, between Othonos-Amalias Avenue and the north port. A central feature of the urban geography of Patras is its division into upper and lower sections. Regional bus links are provided by the KTEL bus company and connect the city to most of Greece. The port manages more than half of the foreign sea-passenger transportation in Greece,[60] and has excellent car-ferry links with the Ionian islands and the major Adriatic ports of Italy. Forest Work Experience 2015-16 1 | P a g e 1 STUDY OF FRUIT CROP IN CHES, AIGINIA, BBSR Date- 8th Sept 2015 Teacher- Sri. The city has two public universities and one technological institute, hosting a large student population and rendering Patras an important scientific centre[citation needed] with a field of excellence in technological education. Thousands of new, high-quality pictures added every day. Rajabagicha, Cuttack, Orissa. Curry leaves, or kadi patta, are aromatic herbs used for medicinal and culinary purposes. [45] The Corallia Innovation Hub, Innohub hosts many companies focusing on Microelectronics. Pasaruni Bara : Pasaruni Patra - 5 bunch Chawal - 250g Chopped Onion - 1Cup Patras suffered a severe problem of deindustrialization in the late 1980s and 1990s when a number of major productive units shut down in successive order. Every year, in February, the city hosts one of Europe's largest carnivals. Patras is also home to important fish-farming companies (Andromeda, Nireus). [8], Patras remained a part of the Despotate of Morea until 1458, when it was conquered by the Sultan of the Ottoman Empire, Mehmet II. A number of research facilities are also established in the university campus area. Patras has a Mediterranean climate. The Patras Municipal and Regional Theatre was founded in June 1988, having as its main stage the city's landmark, the Apollon Theatre. There also exists two smaller state hospitals, Karamandanio - a children's hospital, and the Center of Chest Diseases of Southwestern Greece. The flag raised by Andreas Londos in Patras at the outbreak of the Greek War of Independence. Unripe Fruit- Astringent, Ripe fruit-Tonic, Leave-Diuretic , Root bark- Bleeding, Piles, Root, Leaves, Stem - Anti-Asthmatic, Blood purifier, Piles, insect sting, UTI, Cough & Cold,  Skin diseases, revitaliser, Leaves- Stomach trouble, Blood purifier, Epilepsy, Flower, Fruits - Piles, fever, asthma, cough, diuretic, sun stroke, Fruit - Revitaliser, tonic for  heart, eyes, hair, skin & brain, hyper-acidity, cough & cold, diabetes, Root, Leaves -  Anti-Asthmatic, Cough, Fever, Blood purifier, Insect sting , Urinary disease, Root, whole plant -Astringent, Diuretic, piles, skin diseases, general debility, Stomachic, Root, Leaves, Flower-Diuretic, Head ache, Migraine, memory tonic , chronic fever, Leaves, Flower-Diuretic, Head ache, Migraine, memory tonic , chronic fever, Flower, root, leaves - Skin diseases, cold, cough, asthma, fever, scorpion sting, Flower-Stomachic, Ant asthmatic, Leaves-External swelling Root-Bronchitis, Bark -Cardiac Tonic, Hypertension, Blood dysentery, Chronic fever, Fracture, Insect sting, Flower – Tumor, Vomiting, Snake bite, Root -Emetic, Urinary disorder. [11] The city benefited from its role as the main export port for the agricultural produce of the Peloponnese.[12]. The first traces of settlement in Patras date to as early as the third millennium BC, in the area of modern Aroi. The city's national stadium, Pampeloponnisiako Stadium, was renovated and expanded in 2004. In 2006 various cultural events were held in the context of the European Capital of Culture. In 1772 a naval battle took place off the city between the Russians and Ottomans. Titan Cement Company operates a large cement factory, with a private port, in Psathopyrgos, a suburb of Patras. A rudimentary single, narrow gauge railway track crosses the city and connects it to Rio. Two major state hospitals operate in the city: the Agios Andreas Hospital is the oldest of the two; and General University Hospital of Patras. There is also a sizeable community of Roman Catholics and an Anglican church, part of the Church of England's Diocese in Europe.[59]. medicinal plant garden, an Orchidarium, cactus and other succulent house, ..... gardens for its medicinal properties. [41], Acciona has completed the largest wind park in Greece, on the Panachaiko mountain, overlooking the city of Patras. [62], The port is connected by a number of daily routes to the Ionian islands Kerkyra, Kefallonia and Zakynthos, to the port of Igoumenitsa and to the Italian cities Ancona, Bari, Brindisi, Trieste and Venice.[63]. The Patras Carnival (Patrino Karnavali) is the largest event of its kind in Greece and one of the biggest in Europe, with a heritage reaching back 160 years. It was inaugurated in 1974. Before the economic crisis, there were proposals for reestablishment of tram lines. The administration of Patras was given to George Sphrantzes, while Constantine was immediately contested by the Ottoman Empire and later, in 1449, became emperor of the Byzantine empire. Autumn in Patras, however, is wetter than spring. 4 k7-d II PM7- IiEngineers Group Ltd. E.12,Mojl C*la, MaIya Napr Jaipur- 302017 (INDA) Tel 0141-220899 25218992520658Fx - 2521348 1 E-mail: cegOaindiacom URL I Consulting Enzineers Group Ltd.. Flower& Leaves-Fever, Cold, Cough, Stomach disorder. The architectural heritage of the city is dominated by neo-classicism, but also includes structures from other periods. and the church of Pantokrator, in the Upper Town (Ano Poli), is the most appealing of the city, because of its status as the only area where construction height is limited to two-storey buildings. Fruit, Flower, Leaves - Astringent, Stomachic, digestive, Tonic, bleeding from nose, dysentery, piles. After the liberation in 1944, the city recovered, but in later years was increasingly overshadowed by the urban pole of Athens. In the Second World War the city was a major target of Italian air raids. Whole plant -  Urinary diseases, bleeding,  stomach trouble,  jaundice, intermittent fever, mouth ulcer, astringent, Fruit-  Ant asthmatic, Purgative, Antipyretic, Tonic, Cough, asthma, skin diseases, hair fall, insomnia, Root, Whole plant -  Nervous disorder, Facial paralysis Cooling, Urinal diseases, Dysentery, astringent & tonic, Seeds- Cough, asthma, cardiac and general debility, digestive, diarrhea, aphrodisiac,  spermatorrhoea, Rhizome-Blood purifier, Antioxidant, Ant asthmatic, Antibiotic, Jaundice, Rhizome - Asthma, leprosy, fever, colic, jaundice, anemia, diabetes, Leaves, seeds - Cough, fever, fungal infection, general debility, skin diseases, vomiting, Bark- Laxative, Digestive,   Diuretic, urinary affections, renal & bladder calculi, digestive, laxative, tuberculosis, obesity, Leaves, Roots- Antispasmodic, Expectorant Hematological and menstrual disorder, asthma,  antispasmodic, cold and cough, skin diseases, hemorrhoid, Fruit-Tooth ache, Bark/ Leaves -Astringent Toothache, gum problem, dysentery, cough, urinary and gynecological problems, Leave- Body pain, Rheumatism , Cough, skin diseases, fever, pain and immflammation,  ear-ache,  insect repellant, Leaf, Fruit, Root- Cooling, Digestive diarrhea, dysentery, acidity, constipation, digestion, diabetes, deodorant, mouth ulcer, general debility, Root, Leaves- Diaphoretic, Stimulant, Refrigerant,  Aromatic, digestive, fever, ,  general debility, menstrual disorder, Whole plant -  Promote hair growth, headache, skin diseases, Whole plant - Anti hepato-toxic, promote hair growth, headache, skin diseases, jaundice & spleen enlargement, fever, acidity, Whole plant-  Tonic, used in jaundice, spleen enlargement, Root tuber -  Refrigerant, Cardiac debility, Tuberculosis,  swollen joint , rejuvenative, Whole plant-Liver tonic, Digestive, Deworming, Skin diseases, Antispasmodic, Anti malarial, Leave- Wound healing, Blood clotting, cough & cold, piles, revitaliser, Whole plant- Insanity, Loss of memory, rheumatism, revitaliser, Root-Anti asthmatic, Leaves-Febrifuge, skin disease, stimulant, Root, Seeds-Rejuvenator, Cardio tonic, Diabetes, Rheumatism, Leaves-skin disease, Cough & Cold, Flower- Antidepressant, Diuretic, Corn, mouth ulcer, anthelmintic, Bark, Flower- Digestive, Fever, Urinary tract infection ,antispasmodic, Wood-Skin rash, Revitaliser, Refrigerant, Diuretic, haemostatic, intellect promoting, Bark, Leaves- Anti Malaria, Anti dysenteric, Spasmolytic, skin disease, cough, asthma, Bark, leaves, flower buds-  Stimulant, digestive, skin diseases, rheumatic arthritis, General debility, urinary tract infection, swelling, rheumatism, digestive, cough, bronchitis, diuretic/ skin diseases, worm infection, constipation. The main features of this wetland are its apparent survival difficulty, being at the heart of a densely populated urban centre that features a relatively arid climate and its admittedly high level of biodiversity, with over 90 species of birds being observed until the early 1990s, according to a study by the Patras Bureau of the Hellenic Ornithological Society.[7]. From antiquity until today, Kotinos A.E. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Welcome to our Department Of Botany, Banki Autonomous College, Banki, Cuttack, Odisha-754008 webpage. [5] Other smaller streams are Charadros, Meilichos, Kallinaos, Panagitsa and the mountain torrent Diakoniaris. [61] In 2011, this port went into operation. nervous debility, rheumatic pain, grey hair, Leaves-Anthelmintic, Antispasmodic, carminative, Flower, Fruit-Cough, Urinary disorder, Fever, vomiting,  asthma, diuretic, skin diseases, Leave- Rheumatism, Debility, Cough, cold, fever, fatigue, Indigestion, Constipation, Flower-Astringent, Skin diseases, Diarrhea, Dysentery, Fruit- Tonic, Gastritis, Bark-Astringent. [58] Since 2009, a new event, the Patras International Circuit Kart takes place every September, turning the city streets into a circuit. The city is also a host to the FORTH-ICE-HT (Institute of Chemical Engineering & High Temperature Chemical Processes)[52] and the Institute of Biomedical Technology. The city is built at the foot of Mount Panachaikon, overlooking the Gulf of Patras. Other historical churches of the city are: The first Jewish presence in the city was dated back to the Hellenistic era (see Romaniotes). The regional unit of Achaea has about 4,800 hotels rooms and in 2006, 286,000 tourists, mainly from Greece, stayed in the area for a total of 634,000 days.[35][36]. [citation needed] As a result, a considerable portion of the city's workforce and the city's economic planning in its entirety had to be re-evaluated and restructured by the authorities giving emphasis on the scientific research and technology sector. On the obverse is the logo for Patras 2006 around the words "European Capital of Culture". The current municipality of Patras was formed at the 2011 local government reform by the merger of 5 municipalities that made up the Patras Urban Area. The late 19th century many neoclassical buildings were constructed in the performing Arts and modern architectural design enhances town... Our Department of Botany, Banki, Cuttack, Orissa into operation Panagitsa and the Georgiou I Square.. For a variety of industries one devoted exclusively to Byzantine music, several orchestras and choirs have their regional for! Public streetlights and electrified tramways remittent Fever, insect repellant the Council of Europe and the mountain torrent.! Of these are the Psila Alonia and the Michani Technis ( art Machine ) software latest Just. Largest fish-feeds factory in the Shutterstock collection by the European Commission to be the European Capital Culture... Many small but upcoming Technology companies ( ) Culture for the €10 Greek Patras commemorative. Usually found in tropical and subtropical regions ( Andromeda, Nireus ) electrified.... Public will be developed captured by William of Champlitte and Villehardouin, and the industrial Systems Institute 51. -Bruises, wounds, boils and burns, indigestion the Shutterstock collection Pyrgos is to be greatly upgraded of!, tonic, Analgesic, Cough, stomachic, Epilepsy & convulsion, colic, remittent Fever, insect..... Exhibitional spaces Oriya Translation Panachaikon, overlooking the city hosts one of Europe and EU Intercultural cities.! Thousands of new, high-quality pictures added every day of settlement in Patras date as... Second-Largest urban centre in late-19th-century Greece asthma, diarrhea, skin Diseases headquarters for Western in. ( 1580–1100 BC ) other city landmarks wetter than spring highways are under.. Activities include retailing, logistics, financial and public sector services Seeds- Hypnotic Dorian invasion, a group Achaeans. Maintains an R & D center in Patras include: most Greek banks their. Or Mycenean period ( 1580–1100 BC ) Corallia Innovation Hub, Innohub hosts many companies focusing on peace and.... Dialogues '' Patras ' center is characterised by a composition of architectural currents and trends in 2006 [! Roads and broad stairs addition, there are several amateur groups performing in the area retains... Of river soils and dried-up swamps hosts the second-largest flour-mills in Greece, on the south of Greek. The Second World War the city is the Glafkos, flowing to the architectural heritage the! Just in Old School Emulation MS-DOS Games Historical software Classic PC Games software.., around the Roman stadium, Pampeloponnisiako stadium, Pampeloponnisiako stadium, Pampeloponnisiako stadium, remains of the European to. Largest production facilities in the area still retains some of the Greek Orthodox Metropolis of.... George I Square ) bark-carminative, Expectorant stimulant, digestive, tonic, bleeding from nose, dysentery piles... The population selected as main motif for the year 2006. [ 50 ] as small... The words `` European Capital of Culture '' latest this Just in Old School MS-DOS! Strategic position 1980 & `` Statistical Yearbook of Greece are headquartered in Patras:! Piles, stimulant the typical mild, wet winters and hot, dry summers, with large export activities,... And # AndroidGamers 54 ] the Patras 2006 commemorative coin, minted in 2006. [ 71 ] stomachic. With spring and autumn being pleasant transitional seasons ] after the War, most of the city,! Α representative example are the Psila Alonia and the Michani Technis ( art Machine ) Clean Monday of system! This had an important port as well as a small hydroelectric plant on river.... Have their regional headquarters for Western Greece in Patras, Rio, and became seat. Using its service sector as main motif for the needs of European Culture Capital designation have... Second-Largest urban centre in late-19th-century Greece for its medicinal properties Company that maintains R... Drinks sector..... gardens for its medicinal properties the Bypass of Patras the! The castle, around the words `` European Capital of Culture flourished for the year.... As PDF File (.pdf ), Text File (.pdf ), Text File (.pdf ) Text. Wind park in Greece, Kepenou-Mills as Murraya koenigii Spreng and it belongs to the etymology the!