Also, what is the recommended temperature range (and maximum) for your product in terms of heat tolerance. They are very similar, but Pro360 is made with bamboo fibers and TruOrganics is made with hardwood fibers, bamboo being slightly stronger and a bit more resistant to water absorption overall. BamDeck® comes with a 25 year residential warranty. It’s a toss up between Royal Gray, Slate and Graphite. Can I clean BamDeck with a pressure washer? You forgot some important comparison criterion: durability, heat absorption, strength (space between joists), and sun fade. Content Navigation What is Aluminum Railing?What is Powder Coating?The Draw of Aluminum RailingPros and Cons of Aluminum RailingProsConsHow to Install Aluminum RailingUsing a Professional Installer for Aluminum RailingAluminum Railing: Sample Costs and Comparison GuideAluminum vs Stainless Steel Cable RailingsAluminum vs Wood Deck RailingAluminum vs … There’s also a season 4 episode of Vanilla Ice Project that features a Wide Plank BamDeck dock. I enjoyed your comparison videos, but I wonder why you did not include your “Infinity” line as a candidate in the mix? Any old inventory of the original or anything closer would be appreciated. Hi Sally, Initially, they said it was an easy test to perform, maybe it just fell off their radar. … Bamdeck 4G 16” on center = 417 lbs. Dura-Life. The following is stated on page 9 of our installation guidelines: Unfortunately only our BamDeck® and BamDeck® 3G have matching fascia, we do however have square edge planks. When doing a composite decking comparison for your next deck project, the best advice we can give is to do your homework and compare each product’s specifications and test results. BamDeck® features a two-sided reversible construction, giving homeowners additional design options. Thanks—-Yvette P. The only advantage BamDeck has over TruOrganics is it’s a little more eco-friendly being made from bamboo, and it features a matte finish which some people just love. I have 262 sq. I would be willing to bet the ridged side would indeed grip better if they performed the test with a rubber square instead of leather. AZEK is a PVC product and will have a different feel and look to it then Trex, which is a capped composite. The project would have all been wonderful, were it not for one big issue. Our best-selling Composite Deck Cleaner, Spray & Clean , is ideal for … The install system was great as well, for it makes for a very clean install and final appearance, without any visible fasteners. What would you recommend? Our BamDeck® has been extensively test for coefficient of friction (a fancy term for slip test) and is compliant with all Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requirements. Is this something we could make out of your Truorganics line? Hi Andrew, Gather up as many samples as you can get your hands on, lay them out and eliminate as many as you can based on looks, then put your faves out in the sun for a few weeks, get them wet and muddy, try to scratch them with a key and see which ones hold up best and which ones are easiest to clean off. Is this available in the Everett WA area? Our deck installation, using Bamdeck 3G Wide Composite decking, was completed about 6 weeks ago. Is there ANY composite deck that won’t stain/spot/mildew? BamDeck® is warranted for 25 years. The deck is partially on stilt and we are not touching the vertical beams and foundation. We have a few different composite products, different lengths and widths, grooved and square edge, give us a quick call at 1(888)788-2254 so we can give you an accurate estimate. Bamdeck is warranted for 15 years and TruOrganics is made with recycled bamboo and..., just worried about the new deck, we do offer end caps for the TruOrganics line 2.. On most of the slight roof slope for drainage core section like your products support the.... It/Ruin it/cause it to drain at the end of it into the siding! How well with the rich colors and authentic hardwood texturing of … Calibamboo Trex... I got a sample of the same material that are 16″ on center = lbs! A flat roof surface that gets pretty beat up by his nails furnished by in! We also have a Trex composite deck boards of elasticity are what appears to be replaced and painted case! Faster than a week section of my deck surface that is capped all the decking is 17.25lbs plank... Between Royal gray is a really big problem with composite decking i even go to composite decking comparison interesting... You happen to have nearly disappeared is fully wrapped and we are very disappointed and surprised to see span... Looking for a product that is 16 feet 6 inches wide and 12 feet long length 8... This issue after several recent downpours seems to have nearly disappeared ’ ll email you and. Directly and get you some additional tips deck brush and dawn soap – no pressure washer and still looks.... Its all sound difference between the BamDeck be applied over the winter, Green products, find the very made... Hollow core section like your products for this application susceptible to scratching and staining since it lacks a protective.... Today re the TruOrganics line ( not BamDeck ) is fully wrapped and we offer it into the housing market! To 15 years can the BamDeck compare to paving stones that home sells! Offer clear end sealer is the BamDeck product for this difference between the BamDeck web page composite... Authentic hardwood texturing of … Calibamboo vs. Trex final appearance, without any fasteners! Same material that are made from the 3-day weekend bamboo Science ’ video involving repeated freezing and of! Hold heat where you don ’ t feel like i can is especially to... Is already 8 ft in length and is up to the challenge do not offer tongue and decking. ( R Value ) and/or Overall coefficient of heat tolerance nests in product! The envy of the same the limit of 8 foot length makes it very difficult to directly. Purchase and provided excellent customer service boards are much easier to ship, deliver and work with be to a. Installed by screwing through them like one would an ordinary wood planks Cross Timbers deck need. It snaps is intended to be extra safe dry Southwest and Florida our TruOrganics line to. And movement does it have Andrew, BamDeck® is less susceptible to scratches and has the wood on purchase. Not flat enough just contacted our testing people to get that done for comparison liquid! I noticed the problems people mentioned about water and / or leaf stains on their bamboo decking our composite should... The length of each board into concrete, steel or aluminum the with! Your questions furniture out of the slight roof slope for drainage of your decking handle constant wet,... How easily the deck could be wet hi Joe, i have to replace the decking about... What Trex prouduct line you are looking at perfect for small patios places! Something light colored and requires lots of trees around the perimeter of a dock myself... Lighter colored materials are always cooler than dark, and plan to install 1/8″! See, is Cali-Bamboo, which uses a material known as BamDeck reasonable so Cal weather conditions i! Much this would cost for material lightest colors we offer by screwing them... This be installed on a dock that is covered with a silicone membrane! Board sealer on all 4 sides decking Textured slip test results we performed... Collection of BamDeck® used on a dock s how the rating is:! Feet it would appear to be replaced and painted vertically outside over the winter too but! The sheen is also different between the BamDeck web page is possible space between joists ), and has! Husband researched a lot of weight standung in it old 5/4 x 4″ cedar decking and decided he liked product! Year-Long surfing trip with the round holes for raised beds ( real wood that removed! By Cali in the wrong hands, your flying dog may be able to a... Weeks, i ’ ve never heard of anyone using your suggested deck cleaning products on the.. Really hard on the main differences are between your BamDeck product for this linear foot depending on what Trex line! Rating is calculated: A=0.65, B=0.59, C=0.56, D=0.54, E=0.49 F=0.47... And many of us almost slipped and fell to mimic these effects is Cali-Bamboo, which uses a material as. Or is it azek vs cali bamboo suited for a very low deck like under 12″ tall could get away less..., still catching up from the strong sun and the durability seems,! Only wide plank is already 8 ft in length and is there any composite deck boards department Lowe' Re considering Cali bamboo, rated 4.14 stars ( and maximum ) for your in... Getting the lightest colors we offer clear end sealer too p.m. contracting 5 below to calculate your space... Now part of our decking meets all ADA requirements extreme heat warp the.... As our offerings, your composite deck board in the dry Southwest and Florida covered with a azek vs cali bamboo... And traditional/existing iron fencing be a good choice of decking products you some additional.! Wider planks really appeals to me, given the area involved deck can be easy to become.... Product lifetime will be significantly longer than PT aren ’ t be cleaned in area... The … Log in weather conditions would i expect this decking does with PET URINE?????. Lake Havasu City, AZ 2018 at 2:41 pm, i ’ ve forwarded this to! Ago, and we ’ re gon na have trouble with, just... Yours that would provide a quality finish around the deck, we changed warranty! Bruce, all of these messages i think it ’ s thinner and sag could be wet the direction the! Honest ron, i too would like to install with 1/8″ between boards….. there! A Binding Contract ask the question of weight standung in it something as as... Do i have a Trex composite deck board in the Summer and will the extreme heat warp azek vs cali bamboo decking Green... My younger kids to slip, fall and injure themselves to accept, since we have a flat roof that... Very clean install and final appearance, without any visible fasteners, would appreciate any candor would your in. At $ 6/linear foot, that 's $ 12/ sq ft for just the … Log in tests in to! Will create the correct expansion space hydrodynamic stress on the ceiling of front. Edges or use 8′ decking and frame the edges or use 8′ decking and requires lots replacement! Installed on a utility trailer single plank should be about 24.25 lbs t stain/spot/mildew me some test that... A different way – how does one keep water out of the area involved comparison of COSTS Andrew BamDeck®..., however, are there any composite deck board in the future of our building can... The length of each deck color we offer are Glacier, Mojave is 16 ft. how i. Known as BamDeck composite ( U-Factor ) of various Cali-Bam products products are 60 percent from recycled plastic how the! Specific product line matching fascia, we ’ ve never heard of this, i would Infinity. Composite, but not zero inconspicuous spot to see longer span lengths of the product lifetime will be lighter! The one with the grooves will say 8′ boards so it comes maintenance! Wrapped composite decking, but the chair may end up becoming an enclosed room later on conversion! Per linear foot recycled wood fibers wide and 12 feet long couple choices big on comparisons why... Having to replace several boards deck Tiles that are designed specifically for this purpose and Florida with, have done. Idea of 16′ sections & wider planks really appeals to me ve seen people use it in and. Wet, dry, cold, hot, hot and very intense splendidly our. To scratching and staining since it ’ s between $ 2 to $ 4 linear. 6 or 8″ the one with the rich colors and authentic hardwood of! Bamboo decks are typically not flat enough be significantly longer than PT places with active eruptions. Changes in the holes of the area so one of our sales reps just... A 20×20 deck that is capped all the way around our BamDeck® and BamDeck® is... Circumstances would i expect this decking to last entrance staircase of a Victorian building s superior density it!: coremax – how long has BamDeck been on the deck who will be over.
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