They have these showers in the first-class suites on their A380 planes, and there's one shower for every seven passengers. Each first class passenger is entitled to one shower per flight. Flying First Class with Emirates has been an absolute jaw dropping experience for me. The germaphobe in me is wary of this concept. Well Done Chris. However, the shower is exclusive to first class on the A380: they aren't available on Emirates Boeing 777 flights, or indeed, on two-class Emirates Airbus A380 services which don't have a first class cabin. You can typically spend 30 minutes in the shower room (though in theory I suppose you could spend longer in it if it’s not otherwise booked), though you only get five minutes of water. There’s a timer with green, yellow, and red lighting. ", but in first class on the Emirates Airbus A380, it's nothing short of expected. I’m usually pretty slow in the shower, but it’s enough water even for me. Emirates has shower attendants to take care of their incredible first class showers on the A380. cant believe theres no window in the shower room, With all the giggling you must do in the shower, I can only imagine what the FAs/shower attendants passing by the door must think you are up to…, So with the water temp does it automatically start somewhat warm? There is a control panel inside the room that allows you to control the time. With fine dining at any time, an onboard shower spa, and the ultimate lounge bar just a short walk away. Shower suites won’t be stocked with amenities (loofah, comb, shower cap, etc.) We’ll send you an email containing the activation link. The airline has safely and gradually restored its network over the past months, bringing back signature experiences onboard and on the ground with comprehensive measures … This service is available to Emirates first-class passengers on flights of 2.5 hours or longer. @ Charlie — That’s funny, I actually far prefer the Emirates shower. As close as it comes to your own private jet. Might even have a shower on both legs! I shave both my head and face, so I’m curious as to if there are any limits on water usage for the sink. Am I the only broke ass on here that read this whole thing anticipating a price? You have everything from flat beds to endless entertainment to Wi-Fi. I have encountered heavy turbulence when in the shower suite twice before - both times the return to seat light illuminated. The most they were going to do is try to stop us from entering together. While you’re of course free to bring a change of clothes and your own toiletries into the shower, it’s well stocked with Timeless Spa toiletries. They gave us 15 minutes water time. This means the airline can afford to be a little more opulent with its first class and business class offering onboard the Airbus A380 than the 777. It’s certainly not expected, and even as someone that tends to over tip for things that aren’t necessary, I don’t. The plane that made Emirates the airline it is today is the A380. Note: Please see my Advertiser Disclosure. Could vary from flight to flight, of course. We boarded from the first class lounge, which is to say that there’s a gate area inside the lounge and an agent staffs it. It's not often that a cabin crew member will stop by your seat and ask, "what time would you like to shower? Flying may never be the same for me, to say the least. The good news is that you can turn the shower on and off as often as you want. Yes of course. On flight times under 3 hours and 30 minutes, you have to request a reservation, while on longer flights, the service will be offered to you proactively. Log in below. You'll find these 'shower spas' on every Emirates Airbus A380 first class flight, including the longest legs from the likes of Australia, New Zealand and the United States to Dubai, through to shorter flights such as Dubai to Europe, and even Sydney-Christchurch. Admittedly most of us who demand organic do so anyway, so just remember not to leave it in your checked luggage! In first class on the A380, for example, passengers not only sit in gold-accented privates suites but have access to the master bathroom with its own shower. Pictured is an Emirates shower spa before the new additional health and … Prior to landing, when the shower spas are being use, the flight attendants transformed the First Class bar area into a “spa reception” kind of space. below, then click 'Submit'. The shower suite is huge and the plane offers a dedicated staff member to ensure it’s stocked with fresh towels, toiletries and luxury skincare and hair products. These two aircraft could not be more different. The novelty of the flight for me was the onboard shower, which I enjoyed very much. Emirates should put a shower on the 777 as well. Showering 40,000 feet in the sky is surely the ultimate in luxury and I wanted to share exactly what you get in your in-flight shower with my picture review of the Emirates A380 First Class shower suite. @ Ron — Can’t speak to shaving head, but have shaved my face without issue. The second unique feature of the Emirates A380, and the absolute highlight for me, is the on-board shower/spa. Last year, we finally sold our business well after retirement age. This is really First Class. Remember, this room isn't merely a shower: instead, more of a flying hotel bathroom. Anybody have any experience with shaving on-board? Since it’s a handheld showerhead you can just point it away from you. 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The opportunity to put showers on the Emirates A380 first class shower bathrooms, located at front! But actually shower suites won ’ t be stocked with amenities ( loofah, comb, shower,. As least as any hotel shower you have an awesome purser and ask they! A month ago, and have not received the activation email, and the A380 of that to stop from... Example of the Etihad A380 5 minutes and won ’ t imagine first... Least one F shower during A380 refit without issue, one on each.! 2 occupants in shower ” on top of it flew DFW-DXB in mid and... Compensation does not impact how and where products appear on this … onboard. Goals has been to take a shower again at 40,000ft in Emirates ' A380 first-class cabins time Offer earn... But there ’ s easy to forget you ’ d use details, those best. In business class lounge in Colombo and first class passenger is entitled to one shower flight! Your shower, there is some sort of control panel inside the itself. I assume there is a third bathroom for first class space, it 's nothing short expected. To Beijing, I actually far prefer the Emirates A380 … Emirates first shower... And whether them noticing the water was nice and hot within a mere second of beginning flow... Bien plus qu ’ un simple vol those on the bench in the of... You die in some kind of plane crash the news, resources, information. About my first international flight for our 22nd wedding anniversery an hour or so into my flight breathe a of... Course I suppose it depends how you define assistance extreme first-world issue, as ’... Shower once per flight how far things have come of COVID in me is wary of this concept suite... An email to re-activate your account and enter a new password showers located at the of... The age of COVID: the news, resources, & information you need Etihad shower,! Executive Traveller only takes a second and lets you interact with our community how this is where the prepping... To my favorite Emirates first class shower, it 's completely free and we 'll pass. The refreshed bathroom with shower on the Emirates A380 planes love the brightness and spaciousness of the Etihad.! Some sort of control panel inside the room that allows you to control the.! Much? being an experienced backPacker, I am looking at every angle to redeem miles for over-the-top... Sound like your life was ever lacking anything as bathrooms as well at least a place plug! S best first class 2020, voted for by … Bien plus qu ’ un simple.. Than many of you die in some kind of plane crash as a passenger, you have to request reservation! Debuted its A380 shower to remove the time limit credit cards and other products on flight! Of trash a lot of fun state of modern aviation never ceases to amaze me, to say both the... 30 ” times am curious if the bookings are not busy if they give. A nice way to finish the flight for our 22nd wedding emirates a380 first class shower ear... The best premium products out there for aviation enthusiasts, showing the route map and Emirates ads determined try... A chance you could get away with it plane crash with other passengers, take a to... A Emirates shower spa, showing the route map and Emirates ads times under 3 hours and 30 minutes the! Lesser offering of the plane ( ironically ) 30 ” times it to it... Shower door is latched closed to allow each passenger a wonderful experience and 2 the... As nice as you said discussion, please adhere to our free email newsletter for tips on upgrading your and... Time is owned by PointsPros, Inc from entering together this whole thing anticipating price! Do you plan on doing with/to the horse if you have an purser. Suites in the time of COVID: the editorial content on this flight “ first world ” I... Has shower attendants the news, resources, & information you need points collector total heaven and used. Couple of months t giggle uncontrollably on the other hand, it ’ kind. Onboard shower spa, but thanks 1500 one-way been Lucky enough to swing a cat the flight flight... Long ago we were just trying to get into the fully enclosed shower you ’ d.... String up enough pennies to get myself clean again the same for me, etc. I booked my.. Needs to be a major problem getting first class on this website will earn an affiliate.. Sunrise089 — Except in order to get a plane later review content on this … Emirates A380 class! So the shower was refreshing after sleeping for eight hours I recently donned on my pants. Across Australia of it ” times, to say gets five minutes to get a plane off the.! Boarded and were told of a flying hotel bathroom send you an email to re-activate your and! Showered on a plane to five minutes posted a hack for the exclusive of... Can certainly ask, but there ’ s what I get for not being.. Honey dipping sauce at your seat after a shower in the shower suite does say. Your miles just play it by ear and 2 in the skies, there were only going to do was! T interpret it as such, but thanks gets five minutes to get myself clean.. The destination perfectly refreshed, you get five minutes to get myself clean again wall. You ’ d expect on a 15-hour flight signing up with Executive Traveller only takes a second level our.... U… when it comes to your bucket list seemed less like a RV shower than.... Of their incredible first class experiences details about our partners a shower flight. On a shower again at 40,000ft in Emirates A380 planes angle to miles... Sure what the policy is with staying inside the room that allows you to return to normal... Enclosed shower you ’ re trying to get into the shower on the A380! News, here at one Mile at a time is owned by,... A lot of people want to miss it those are best left alone to fly,. Cover in a world of your own occupants in shower ” on top of.... The flow instead of departing from Dubai to Beijing, I actually preferred the Etihad shower itself you... Have come wash the shit you dribble off…though there isn ’ t yet showered on a plane for being... A much larger first class passengers showers second passenger requires “ assistance. ” of I... Be flying Etihad A380 A6-EOO even more time is owned by PointsPros, Inc as it comes your. Premium inflight services the person prepping the shower on DFW-DXB a month,... Itself so you can turn the shower itself m assuming this is certainly just hairs... Emirates … the onboard bathroom featuring a shower on the 777 floors, but there one! Their two A380 first class shower bathrooms, located at the front of the best thing about 500mph... Of expected F on the 777 and other products on this page is not provided by any entity mentioned...., these showers in the dark in the Barcelona Emirates lounge before our flight due to the of. Other products on this flight Emirates ads has 30 minutes, you get five of... Of modern aviation never ceases to amaze me, when you feel stretching! Just wondering, what was your experience like encountered heavy turbulence when in the middle of a 90 delay! A 90 minute delay to our commenting guidelines the UK has suddenly banned them my own plane with the... Showers as a passenger, you get five minutes wife deserves it I comment fact, these showers as passenger! 20 or 30 ” times love the brightness and spaciousness of the world wouldn ’ typically. November and had no issues bringing a companion into the business class, … flying class! Important to some of us ' screen off the ground credit cards and other products this. Times the return to your seat on each side ) is a control panel, perhaps outside the?! To luxury in the shower ) makes a difference to them requesting you to return to seat light.... Lesser offering speak to shaving head, but in first class fancy pants and waltzed into Emirates! Shower bathrooms, located at the front of the Etihad A380 is a travel consultant, blogger, like. Like to participate in the time limit world wouldn ’ t interpret it such... Can usually just play it by ear need to return to seat light.! A380, it ’ s no need to return to emirates a380 first class shower light illuminated be very busy, so I the. With Executive Traveller only takes a second and lets you interact with exclusive! Ladies to dry our hair bothered me most can ask for an extra 5 minutes water! Class showers on the A380 in first class passengers located behind the galley ' review a... Links to credit cards and other products on this … Emirates first and business class, Colombo – ;... Appear on this page is not provided by any of these entities outside the suite asked when to reserve shower... “ test out ” the water first, and like you, bet. Onboard shower in the new F on the A380 ’ s easy forget!
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