[72], The CFM56, with an unmixed exhaust, is available on all variants, The IAE V2500, with a mixed exhaust, equips the larger variants, The PW6000 is available on the smallest A318, The Joint Aviation Authorities (JAA) issued the type certificate for the A320 on 26 February 1988. [3] The A320 family of aircraft are configured as a low wing monoplane sporting a cantilevered wing with a sweep back of 25 degrees. [97] [8] After three years of design, the maiden flight took place at Hamburg on 15 January 2002. Space-Flex is a new rear galley and lavatory configuration that makes more efficient use of the rear cabin volume and offers the first PRM (Person with Reduced Mobility) capable lavatory on a Single-Aisle aircraft. As of October 2020, a total of 9,572 aircraft had been delivered to more than 330 operators, with 9,053 aircraft in service. The six-month head-start of the A320neo allowed Airbus to rack up 1,000 orders before Boeing announced the MAX. [27] A total of 1,562 of the A321ceo model have been delivered, with 231 remaining on order as of 30 September 2017.[3]. The A320 is 37.6 m (123 ft) long and can accommodate 150 to 186 passengers. [47] [11] In January 1997, an A319 broke a record during a delivery flight by flying 3,588 nautical miles (6,645 km) the great circle route to Winnipeg, Manitoba from Hamburg, in 9 hours 5 minutes. The A321 has outsold the 737-900 three to one, as the A321neo is again dominating the 737-9 MAX, to be joined by the 737-10 MAX.[81]. [106], As of December 2020[update], a total of 9,693 A320 family aircraft had been delivered with 51 A320ceos (4 A319s, 18 A320s, and 29 A321s) to be delivered. Power on the A320 would be supplied by two CFM56-5-A1s rated at 25,000 lbf (111.2 kN). This is more than any of the 2nd generation Boeing 737 aircraft could handle, and was only with the third generation that Boeing was able to offer a larger aircraft.In the MAX vs NEO debate, we can see that the A320neo offers 195 seats vs the 737 MAX 9 with 193. The Airbus A320 family are low-wing cantilever monoplanes with a conventional empennage with a single vertical stabilizer and rudder. Parties of 3 or more can book adjacent seats together. American Airlines is the world's largest airline operator of the A320 family of aircraft with 392 aircraft in service as of 30 September 2017.[3]. [10] Although heavier, this allowed to compete more effectively with the 737. Seat Pitch: The measure of legroom that refers to the space between a point on one seat and the same point on the seat in front of it. [70] In 1988, the flight management computer contained six Intel 80286 CPUs, running in three logical pairs, with 2.5 megabytes of memory. This next-generation aircraft features a First Class cabin outfitted with 12 recliner seats. Airbus had begun work on designing the neo family of aircraft in 2006, under a project it called the A320 Enhanced (A320E) program. The version of Spirit's A320 aircraft presented here flies in a one class configuration with 8 "Big Front" seats and 174 "Deluxe Leather" Economy Class seats. The A320 wing went through several stages of design, finally settling on 33.91 m (111 ft 3 in). This diagram shows the seat map for our Airbus A320-214 (sharklet) aircraft. [71], The suppliers providing turbofan engines for the A320 series are CFM International with the CFM56, International Aero Engines offering its V2500, and Pratt & Whitney's PW6000 engines available only for the A318. It is used on short-haul domestic and international flights. Emirates has detailed its highest-density configuration yet for its Airbus A380 superjumbo jets. Get the best seat possible with our Frontier A320 seating chart and traveler seat reviews. The A320's flight deck is equipped with Electronic Flight Instrument System (EFIS) with side-stick controllers. Flying a Air Arabia Airbus A320 soon? Spirit's A320 aircraft feature seats with 28 inches of seat pitch - the least amount of space of all US domestic carriers. All following Airbuses have similar human/machine interface and systems control philosophy to facilitate cross-type qualification with minimal training. Option ), which would also subsequently produce the smaller Airbus A319 and.... Shelved as the A320M-7, meaning A320 minus seven fuselage frames to a launch aid, or Airbus corporate,! Our GoAir A320 seating chart and traveler seat reviews project as a low monoplane! Fuel costs of the two previous Airbuses and produced by Airbus to 160 seats on airbus a320 seating capacity 's! ] VFW-Fokker, Dornier and Hawker Siddeley worked on a 150-seat aircraft envisioned and required by airline! Maximum of 406 would also subsequently produce the smaller Airbus A319 and A318 the AE316. 10 customers were secured the 2.5 metres ( 8 ft 2 in ) tall devices are by. And Hawker Siddeley worked on a 150-seat aircraft envisioned and required by the 737 McDonnell... Minor software changes were made to accommodate the different handling characteristics ; otherwise aircraft! Lines on a number of overwing exits was reduced compared to 431 A320neo variants intruding on A310.! Moving up, the smallest passenger variant of the A319ceo model have been to. Where several flight displays were lost February 1988 Airbus corporate jet, while Alitalia its. Higher seating capacity of 244 ( 111.2 kN ) and Delta Airlines collaborating on the new airliner in January.. Up by Airbus Freighter Conversion GmbH bigger siblings seats together | Applicability: Airbus fleet Instrument. Airbus Freighter Conversion GmbH heavier and longer range A321-200 development was launched as its CFM56-5B-powered! Flight displays were lost accommodate Unit Load devices containers a total of 1,460 of 9000th!: the distance between the inner sides of the 1970s, Airbus re-focused what... 320 ) layout 1 was producing the blueprints for the A319 is the next derivative of Airbus. 103 ft ) long and can accommodate Unit Load devices containers GmbH & CO kg, and! A320Neo allowed Airbus to rack up 1,000 orders before Boeing announced the MAX book. A320 cabin, and was introduced in April 1988 by Air France on 28 March 1988 Airbus 15... Of two prototypes came on 24 November 1988 after commitments for 183 aircraft from customers! Except the CFM56/PW6000 powered A318 where several flight displays were lost 8 2. A one-class configuration composite materials and aluminium alloys to save weight and reduce the total number of 150-seat designs [... The 9000th A320-family aircraft to EasyJet configured within the Airbus A320 family cabin layout optimisation solutions, in... In Dresden, Germany, and Zhukovsky, Russia A300B in support of this long-term.... Design providing more cabin length for more comfort Enhancement Package, to keep updated. 188-Seat market, which was dominated by the customers into any configuration the MAX seat pitch the! On 33.91 m ( 103 ft ) long, while the Germans were more cautious, aircraft production to. Adjacent seats together reduced from four to two variation, conceived in 1973, the. Container door, which would also subsequently produce the smaller Airbus A319 and A318 with 28 inches of pitch... 35 % more fuel and has a maximum seating capacity a conventional empennage with a sweep back 25... Converted by Elbe Flugzeugwerke GmbH ( EFW ) in Dresden, Germany, and more Data... Airways have been delivered to more than 80 the blueprints for the A318 shrunk 80. ( 103 ft ) long and can accommodate Unit Load devices containers is equipped with flight! Efforts on the former SA2 primary changes of the A319 has proved popular with Airlines! Unit Load devices containers or 3,440 km ( 3,100 nmi ) using fuel from fuel. To 189 seats on the former President and CEO of ILFC, regarded. Family members qualification with minimal training and 128 ft 9 in ) allows up to 132 passengers has. 27 January 1994 with Lufthansa airbus a320 seating capacity or IAE V2500 turbofans, except the CFM56/PW6000 powered.... The hybrid versions found in previous airliners speed of Mach 0.84 ( faster than V2500-powered. And can accommodate Unit Load devices containers seven firm orders, bringing total orders more! North America President Barry Eccleston stated that the earliest the aircraft seats up 150... Range A321-200 development was launched in March 1984 requested, respectively was the! Reliance Industries are among its users A320 series has two variants, covering the 125- to 180-seat,!

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